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Hi, I'm Davichete

About me

I'm David, a Spanish Software Engineer, just graduated from a Computer Science degree. I'm mainly interested in Artificial Intelligence and Software Architecture, but in general, I love writing any kind of software, especially any scripting task or collaborating with Open Source projects.

My main language is Python, but my language of preference is Rust. I love learning new programming languages, I also feel comfortable writing in Java (I'm an Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer), C#, TS/JS and C. I've some experience with both Frontend and Backend. Also with Mobile App development with Flutter.

My main interests within Artificial Intelligence are Data Science and Machine Learning. I'm familiarized with frameworks like Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Matplotlib, Seaborn... I've some experience with Keras and Tensorflow.
Here you can have a copy of my CV.


I'm passionate about History, I love reading about any Mythology, especially the Greek one. I love learning new things, I enjoy reading and studying in general.

My Skills

Python logo Developed several projects with it, very comfortable with the ecosystem and the main libraries.
Very interested in it, getting comfortable with the type system and looking forward to be my main lang
Rust logo My framework of reference when talking about Frontend development. Developed many pages with it. Also know Nuxt.js for SSR.
Pandas logo Feel comfortable with all major libraries.
Data Science

What I have done


Grouping-by is a small library written in Rust that allows users to group their iterators in various ways. It tries to simulate the functionality of Java's GroupingBy Collector

// This returns for each year, the contract with the most days.
|contract|, // Key of HashMap
|contract1, contract2| contract1.days.cmp(&contract2.days), // Comparator to get the max
) // Returns `HashMap<i32, Contract>`
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A command-line application to play a professional multiplayer BlackJack (hand splitting, doubling...), written in 5 different languages (Rust, Python, C#, Typescript , Java)

RAE (Real Academia Española)

I've developed an easy to use and reliable API to get the meanings of the word the user provides as input. I got a CLI app written in Rust and Python and a local API REST written in Rust.

Photo Gallery

I had a subject at the university where I had to develop a webpage emulating a gallery of photos. I got marked with honours in the subject. It was developed with Vue, TypeScript and Firebase (Auth, Firestore, Storage).

Data Science Browser

I developed a small program to analyse the usage of browsers over time, with the csvs provided by Statcounter Global Stats. It has a few different plots and many functions to filter data accordingly.


I'm one of the main developers of Wastood, an app that tries to minimize the food waste in the city, communicating people with a platform in which we allow the people to share the food they want to give away. Providing the users a platform to meet their necessities.

The app is built using Flutter, making use of Firebase platform (Firestore, Auth, Storage).

Contact me

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